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Alternative Sponsored Activities

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Ride+Stride is a sponsored event in which participants visit churches in their local area, usually by cycling or walking. We understand that this may not be an option for some people but rest assured, you can still take part in the event and support us and your church. Here are some ideas for alternative sponsored activities that you or the participants in your church can consider. Please help us to expand this list.

Safety and Car Insurance

Please take the time to read this safety information page from the National Churches Trust. It is all important information but with the encouragement of new activities using cars, please note that anyone using a car MUST ensure that their insurance company is ok with their plans for the event or refrain from doing it if you are unsure.

Visiting Churches

Riding and Striding is what it is all about ideally so if you can visit your local churches by bicycle or on foot or on horseback then that’s the way to do it. Take care on the roads!


If you cannot get around the churches on two or four legs and public transport isn’t an option for your area, you could consider driving from church to church instead? Have a look at our other ideas first. Please note that drivers are now as eligible for consideration for any of the five annual prizes as any other participant.

Alternative Activities

If travelling between the churches by foot, bike, horse or car isn’t an option for you then why not consider something else? Here are a few of our more popular ideas but please contact us if you have a new idea that we can share. Alternatively, please consider making a regular or one-off donation in the name of your church.

Be sponsored to ...Unit of sponsorship ...Weather safe?
be a member of the Welcome Party on the dayTime on duty OR number of people welcomedYES
sing in ChurchTime singing OR number of hymns sungYES
read from the bible in ChurchTime reading OR number of chapters readYES
play the organTime playing OR number of pieces playedYES
clean the ChurchTime cleaning OR number of areas cleanedYES
use an exercise bike in ChurchTime exercising OR distance recordedYES
bell ringing or chimingTime spent OR pattern repetitionsYES
running one or more coffee morningsNone - collection takings [no charges allowed] (please try to collect Gift Aid)YES
run one or more table-top salesNone - proceeds from sales (no Gift Aid allowed)YES
sell home-made cakesNone - proceeds from sales (no Gift Aid allowed)YES
visit parishionersTime spent OR number of people visited OR number of cups of tea drunkPROBABLY
run a croquet and cake tea party
None - collection takings [no charges allowed] (please try to collect Gift Aid)NO
clean carsTime spent OR number of cars cleanedNO
walk around the churchTime walking OR number of laps completedNO
work in the churchyardTime workingNO
take a Fitbit challengeTime spent walking OR Fitbit steps recorded OR Fitbit miles recordedNO

Help us to help

We provide thousands of pounds in grants every year to maintain churches throughout Gloucestershire, but we can only do that with your continued support. Please help us continue our vital work.

Create your own JustGiving fundraising page at

Text GHCT17 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 to GHCT. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 only. Vodafone will reply with a link to a form to add Gift Aid or a message. You may be charged for the text message(s). See for help. Please report any issues.

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