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This page discusses the volunteering position of Area Support Volunteer. It is a role that aims to help an area of our region develop its church involvement in Ride+Stride by trying to get more churches involved.

Few people want to volunteer for something these days due to the time commitment it usually comes with but the position of Area Support Volunteer is one of those roles that need not be too demanding and can be picked up and put down as needed.

In order for us to meet more of the demand for help, we would like to increase our net profit from the Ride+Stride Event which goes into our grants. We are always on the look out for new ways to do this and we have an eye on reducing running costs where possible.

We have a small core of supporting churches who support us financially through Ride+Stride (others support us through regular donations). We are dependent on all their support but clearly growth must come from bringing new churches on board not trying to squeeze more out of existing churches (although we can help improve the money raised if there is the willingness to do it in the church).

The Area Support Volunteer Role

What would be involved?

At this point in time, our main request would be for your help in contacting churches that are currently not taking part in Ride+Stride nor giving regular donations to see if we can find a willing local organiser for that church. For some churches, we don’t have any person to contact yet. We can provide a standard approach letter to use or it would be helpful to have an enthusiastic face-to-face approach or even arrange to present a plea for involvement at the church if you are comfortable with that!

We would always welcome people helping us to drum up support from local sporting clubs, ramblers and newspapers/radio stations etc, anything to raise the participation and publicity on the streets. This is very much a local thing and not a one-size fits all issue hence the need for someone supporting church local organisers with their publicity effort!

Looking to the future …

We are currently able to cope with the influx of remittance forms, sponsorship forms and cheques to bank that defines September to December! When our participating church numbers continue to increase, there may come a point when there is too much to do in the fixed time window, especially if churches leave it late to send in their return packs. We need to get the church refunds back to churches before the end of the calendar year if we can.

One or two people with an attention to detail and ability to follow a well-defined system would be a great help to your County Organiser. Training would be provided but it’s really common sense and a checklist; we like checklists! Return packs need to be validated for correctness before being processed (mainly adding up the numbers and cross-checking them with the sponsorship forms and a few rules). If there are issues, it takes time to go back to the local organisers and get answers. While that is going on, valid forms are not being processed. This is very much a long-term view of things should our number increase significantly.

Thank you for reading – if you have any suggestions, please Contact the County Organiser

Our Area Support Volunteers


All areas available – can you look after one or more areas?


All areas available – can you look after one or more areas?

Forest of Dean

All areas available – can you look after one or more areas?


All areas available – can you look after one or more areas?

North Bristol

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South Gloucestershire

All areas available – can you look after one or more areas?


All areas available – can you look after one or more areas?


All areas available – can you look after one or more areas?

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