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This page provides all the principal communications sent out to Local Organisers so far this year. By providing them in one place, we can all know where to go to find previous communications that might have been misplaced either in our email systems or paper systems for those who receive communications by post instead. Importantly, this also allows new Local Organisers to get up to date from a cold start and the summary notes will allow all of us to find something we know was mentioned in a previous communication somewhere. The latest communications are shown at the top of the list.

Date Link Summary
3 August 2018 A call for an update on church status for the map; a request for churches to try to fundraise this year; a query about our publicity; ideas for churches without participants.
10 September 2017 A call for your Ride+Stride stories; NSPCC guidance on photography regarding child protection; a call for all participants to be recorded whether they raised money or not using the Participant Extension Sheet available in our Document Library; a request to call the County Organiser if anything needs clarifying.
13 August 2017 A big call for an update on church status for the map; an important request for drivers and motorcyclists to check their vehicle insurance; a small range of GHCT Ride+Stride merchandise; a call for one or two volunteers to help at Gloucester Cathedral; an important request to consider doing Risk Assessments; a plug for mystery tours, banners and boards and organised events; a big thank you.
20 July 2017 A call for an update on church status for the map; a request for churches to try to fundraise this year; a request for help with the BT email problem; a pointer to the BACS references system on our website; a new rule on donations without participation coming in via Ride+Stride; an update on website navigation; introduction to this communications page; a request for reciprocal website linking; a plug for mystery tours, banners and boards, car posters, organised events and meeting places.
27 May 2017 Reminder to RSVP for the AGM/Social; update on orders for 6′ x 3′ banners and A1 foamex boards; promote the new A5 posters for cars; warn about the Cycling Tour of Britain 2017; promote the new Participant Database; promote organised events (opening up your event to the public) and lunchtime meeting places.
18 May 2017 Reminder to respond to the LO Questionnaire; reminder to RSVP for the AGM/Social; new promotion for 6′ x 3′ banners and A1 foamex boards; promoting the important of early advertising; new rules on driving and the mystery tour; request not to use previous year’s forms; request for information on regular donations; thank you for being involved in the team.
27 March 2017 Same as the 17 March 2017 communication except for the reference to the 2nd edition Spring Newsletter (has 2016 Ride+Stride statistics removed).
17 March 2017 Introduction to this year’s event; Spring Newsletter with request to download and place in church, request to complete the LO questionnaire, request to RSVP for AGM/Social; LO Handbook attachment; TODO list to get the year off to a good start; promote the new banner campaign.