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This page describes the data protection position as it applies to Ride+Stride solely when managed by Spera Computer Consultancy who are acting as a Data Processor for the GHCT. The statements on this page do not apply to any other area of GHCT work, only Ride+Stride.

Your data privacy is important to Spera Computer Consultancy. We are registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act. Please get in touch if you have any questions about Ride+Stride Data Protection.


Spera Computer Consultancy manages two databases on behalf of the GHCT namely the Ride+Stride Database and the Participant’s Database. Both of these are used solely for the purpose of administering the GHCT Ride+Stride Fundraising Event each year in September.

Data Access

No-one other than Spera Computer Consultancy in its role as Data Processor for GHCT (and not for any business of Spera Computer Consultancy unless someone in the database becomes a direct customer of Spera Computer Consultancy) has authorised access to the data held in these databases. The only copies outside Spera Computer Consultancy’s direct control are those periodically updated onto a hardware encrypted USB stick held by our “data buddy” Jonathan, the GHCT Grants Chairman and Trustee (who lives close by). Spera Computer Consultancy also holds a hardware encrypted USB stick containing his offsite backup. This process is implemented for Disaster Recovery purposes only and the data that each party holds on their memory sticks is not authorised for access (except for testing the backup integrity) outside a disaster scenario.

Data Held

Ride+Stride Database

Sensitive Personal Data

No sensitive personal data is held. The database does hold an association between a living person and a place of worship but it does not seek to suggest any religous beliefs held by that person. We do not believe therefore that the association represents sensitive personal data in this case.

Personal Data

The Local Organiser’s name, postal address, email address and phone number are held in the database. Optionally, some of these fields relating to the church Treasurer and a non-specific church contact e.g. a churchwarden, minister, steward may be stored. Additionally, if the Ride+Stride refund is requested by cheque then the name and postal address of the recipient will also be stored in the database.

Non-Personal Data

There are a large number of data fields stored in the record for each church which describe church facilities and administrative parameters such as whether the church is fundraising or not and whether it has a toilet. None of these data attributes relate to living people and so are out of scope for Data Protection consideration.

Participant’s Database

Sensitive Personal Data

No sensitive personal data is held.

Personal Data

The participant’s name and email address are held in the database.

Non-Personal Data

The database contains the activity that the participant undertakes e.g. cycling or walking.

Data Usage

Please note that this list is not yet complete, it is work in progress.

Ride+Stride Database

  • We use a Local Organiser’s email address or postal address to send them the regular communications required to administer the Ride+Stride event. Occasionally, if the enquiry is a quick one, we may use a telephone number if one is available.
  • We use a Local Organiser’s postal address to send them an event pack and any top up paperwork requested.
  • We use a Local Organiser’s email address or phone number for any enquiries we have when processing the event remittance and sponsorship forms.

Participant’s Database

  • We use a Participant’s email address to discuss new ideas and relevant information relating to the activity that the participant has declared an interest in.

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