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The introduction page gives the reader a general introduction to Ride+Stride and the “Standard Formula” which can be thought of as the rules for Ride+Stride. This page discusses the modifications and additions that apply to our particular region of the country.


The Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust awards prizes to encourage our fundraising efforts. Further information about these can be found on our prize rules page.


Driving is permitted in point 1 of the Standard Formula but the majority of County Trusts do not actively promote it. We want to give our Christian places of worship the best opportunity to take part in Ride+Stride and so we do promote it. Drivers will be treated the same way as any other participant.

Help us to help

We provide £150,000 in grants every year to help repair, maintain and improve the churches in our region, but we can only do that with your continued support. Please help us continue our vital work.

Our Support Us page discusses some of the ways you can consider helping us. Thank you.