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Ride+Stride is a nationwide event run by the Ride+Stride Management Committee on behalf of the National Churches Trust. A great place to get an introduction is their website. The rules for Ride+Stride are captured in a document called the “Standard Formula”. You can find this in the Document Library (link above).

It would be hard to administer the national event from a single location so charitable trusts have been set up based loosely on ceremonial counties to run the event locally. All around the country on the second Saturday in September each year, thousands of participants undertake sponsored activities to raise money for their church and their local Trust.

Historically this consisted of travelling from church to church primarily by walking, cycling, on horse back or on public transport. Sponsorship would be sought from friends and family and church members alike. It is usually the case that half of the money raised is returned to the church (or other registered charity) that raised it and the rest (including all of the Gift Aid from the sponsors) goes to the Trust to cover costs and to be given out by the Trust to support church projects in its region.

Regardless of the weather, this was a day that people would be planning for and looking forward to for months. In some areas of our region, this is still the case. In other areas, we need to give it some help so we are increasing our options whilst maintaining the original spirit of the event. Our “how we do it” page describes Ride+Stride in our region.

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