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Open the Latest 2017 Event Map

We have 4 maps for this year’s event and 1 map showing the results from last year. The maps all show our region of the country, divided into our 8 districts and have map pins representing Ride+Stride information about our churches. The links below will open the chosen map in a new tab or window. Map 1 includes all of the churches we know about including those who are yet to update us on their opening times. Whether you are taking part in Ride+Stride or not, we would appreciate being informed of whether your church is open or not on the event day; we don’t like those yellow map pins.

Updating the maps

Please have a look at map 1 and if your church has a yellow map pin, we would like to hear from you! We would like to know (a) the hours between 10am and 6pm that the church is open to visitors (b) whether anyone will be there to welcome any visitors and if so at what times (c) whether any light refreshments will be available for visitors. Items (b) and (c) are optional but are appreciated.

Opening your church gives encouragment and opportunities to our riders and striders and it does no harm to our statistics which we have to present to the National Churches Trust on the number of open churches on the day.

To update the status of your church, please contact the County Organiser by phone or email with the answers to the 3 questions or if you are a Local Organiser, you can complete Question 8 as described in your Local Organiser’s Handbook (but do phone or email if you prefer).

MAP 1 – The latest status for all the churches

This shows the status for every church we know about in our region, whether we have a Local Organiser there or not.

Open the Latest 2017 Event Map

MAP 2 – The latest map for all the churches with a Welcome Party

This shows only the churches where you might expect to be welcomed by someone at the church. Click on a church to see when there should be someone at that church to welcome you, they are not all 10am to 6pm. Where the map pin is yellow, the church has not yet confirmed when it will be open despite declaring that it will have a welcome party. It is not recommended that you plan your visit on the sole expectation that someone will be there!

Open the Latest 2017 Welcome Party Map

MAP 3 – The latest churches in need of a Local Organiser

This shows only churches that we know about but which have no local organiser to work with us. Can you volunteer?

Open the latest Local Organiser Vacancy Map

MAP 4 – The latest map with published participant routes

This shows the routes that our participants have decided to publish to everyone!

Open the latest Participant Route Map

MAP 5 – The Final Results for the 2016 Event

This shows which churches raised money at the 2016 event and, for amounts over £500, the amount raised.

Open the Final 2016 Event Map

Help us to help

We provide thousands of pounds in grants every year to maintain churches throughout Gloucestershire, but we can only do that with your continued support. Please help us continue our vital work.

To create your own JustGiving Fundraising page, visit the JustGiving page on this website (off the Ride+Stride menu item).

Text GHCT17 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 to GHCT. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 only. Vodafone will reply with a link to a form to add Gift Aid or a message. You may be charged for the text message(s). See for help. Please report any issues.

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