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This page describes an exciting new idea for a sponsored activity for your church, running a mystery tour for members of your congregation.

Amongst the issues found in many churches these days is a limited number of people able to participate and an inability to walk or cycle the usual sort of distances between our churches. The full status of vehicles in Ride+Stride removes this limitation in most cases thus allowing participants to drive from church to church for their sponsorship. An existing extension to this is the mystery tour idea from one of our churches.

The benefits of the mystery tour are:

  • You will be giving some of your church friends a day to look forward to
  • You can control how much time it takes and where you go
  • You can visit only churches with people to welcome you (see map #2 on our map page)
  • Your County Organiser can create the route for you if you wish
  • You can take multiple cars and run multiple length tours (i.e. with some cars returning part way through)
  • You will have many participants (everyone in the vehicles) each with a possible source of sponsorship
  • You will be recorded a a single group so apart from the age ranges of all participants, the paperwork isnt too bad (ask for help early!)

Your County Organiser will need to inform all the churches on the route that you are coming so please ensure you declare your event and route to him.

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