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This is the entry page for Local Organisers (LOs) and potential (new) Local Organisers. Please bookmark this page and come back regularly for updates.

New Local Organisers

To sign up your church for Ride+Stride, please see our Sign Up Your Church to Ride+Stride page.

Existing Local Organisers

We really hope that each church will make an effort once a year to support our main fundraising event. We try to make it as appealing as we can and are open to new ideas and suggestions. We hope anyone who wants to support us can do and with the driving options, we hope everyone will be able to do something if they want to.

The majority of the event packs were sent out on 3 July 2019. The following tasks are those you should be considering now:

Advertise the Event

Please add your details to the event posters and put them in prominent places as you think best. Your details should be in the Spring Newsletter which is hopefully in Church for passers by to see. The objective here is to find new participants from the community or church. The last page of the Local Organiser’s Handbook is a suggested advertisement for use in local magazines. If you do not have a local organiser’s handbook, contact Glenn for help.

Find Participants and choose your activities

If you are struggling to find participants prepared to ride or stride (cycle or walk!), please consider our list of alternative activities to offer. If you have someone who is prepared to do something and be sponsored for it then if it’s legal and safe, do encourage them! Ultimately we have to try to raise money via an activity that suits your church and your people. When you know what is going on, let the County Organiser know and he can email you specific instructions to help you do the paperwork.

Event Banners and Boards

Please see our banners and boards page to find out about this popular way to advertise the event at your church. We hope this will bring new participants to you to raise money for your church. Please support this idea to help raise the profile of the event around our region! The banners and boards are reusable year on year.

Try to get the church open

Even if it is just for a few hours within the 10am to 4pm event time, please try to open the church if you can. We have to report the number of open churches to the National Churches Trust so it helps our figures but more importantly, your visitors will not have a disappointing visit! You may not have had visitors before but none of us know who will take part on the day so please try to be open if you can.

Find a Welcome Party

If possible, please try to find volunteers to welcome guests at your church on the day. We cannot guarantee that you will have any visitors of course so perhaps encourage welcome party members to volunteer for the time slots starting around midday and working outwards. See the Local Organiser’s Handbook for a form to help you plan this. It would be worth suggesting any volunteers bring warm clothing and something to do while waiting (perhaps a sponsored activity?). Visitors are always pleased when they arrive at a church and someone is there to welcome them. If you have a few local people who have volunteered, maybe swap regularly or overlap for company?

Check the Map!

Please ensure the status of your church is up to date on our map page. People are relying on the information on the map to plan their routes so please check that your data is correct.

Help us to help

We provide £150,000 in grants every year to help repair, maintain and improve the churches in our region, but we can only do that with your continued support. Please help us continue our vital work.

Our Support Us page discusses some of the ways you can consider helping us. Thank you.