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Participant’s Guidance


Can you Ride or Stride?

Hello! If you would like to take part in the event this year and can ride or walk for your church, please contact your church’s Ride+Stride Local Organiser and offer to be a participant; they will be delighted to hear from you. If you do not know who the local organiser is, please email your County Organiser with your details and the name of the church you wish to benefit and we will put the Local Organiser in touch with you.

If not, could you do something else perhaps?

If you cannot cycle or walk from church to church, perhaps you can be sponsored for something else? Please have a look at our alternative sponsored activities list and see if you would like to offer this to your Local Organiser instead? If you have a new idea, please let us know!

Would you like to create a JustGiving Fundraising page to boost your sponsorship?

Make a fundraising page - JustGiving

To donate to the GHCT with no connection to any sponsorship text GHCT16 £10 to 70070 (charges may apply). If you would like your own JustTextGiving code so people can donate to your personal GHCT sponsorship, please email your County Organiser to get one set up.

Completing the Sponsor Form

Please study the sponsor form carefully before you ask sponsors to complete it so that you can guide them. Download your sponsor form here.

The main points to make your sponsors aware of are:

Please complete the form in ink.
Please complete the form in capital letters.
Please read the declaration at the top and tick the gift aid box if you can.

The main points to remember yourself are:

Please indicate what kind of activity you have been sponsored for e.g. cycling, walking, driving, horse-riding, mobility scooter, cleaning, singing
Please make sure it is very clear which church you are a raising money for.
Please make sure it is very clear if you are part of a team (which team?) or an individual “under 16”, “between 16 and 69” or “70 or over”.
We suggest you tick each sponsor off with a pencil when they pay you.

Thank you for your help. Any queries, contact your Local Organiser or County Organiser.

Participating Churches

We believe this is the latest status of the churches taking part in the event and open on the day. We hope this will help you plan your route!

Help us to help

We provide thousands of pounds in grants every year to maintain churches throughout Gloucestershire, but we can only do that with your continued support. Please help us continue our vital work.

To create your own JustGiving Fundraising page, visit the JustGiving page on this website (off the Ride+Stride menu item).

Text GHCT17 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 to GHCT. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 only. Vodafone will reply with a link to a form to add Gift Aid or a message. You may be charged for the text message(s). See for help. Please report any issues.

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