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This is the entry page for participants and potential participants alike. Please bookmark this page and come back regularly for updates.

Introduction to the Event

The Ride+Stride event is open to cyclists, walkers, horse riders and drivers. It is organised at the local level by a Local Organiser who has undertaken local publicity, recruitment of participants, encouragement of sponsorship, optionally arranging a welcome party at the church on the day and optionally providing some light refreshments for visitors.

Using a sponsorship form obtained from the church’s Local Organiser, a participant invites sponsors to give them a sum of money for every church visited or more commonly to give them a fixed amount of money. If possible, the sponsors are encouraged to tick for Gift Aid to be added to their sponsorship too. Each church visited on the day will be recorded on the sponsorship form by a representative of the church initialing the form. There should be a yellow Welcome Notice at the church for you to record your visit on too.

You can raise money as an individual or you can be part of a group which must consist of at least 3 members. Prizes will be awarded each year for the best performance in the following categories (all trophies to be held for up to one year):


  • Under 16 individual participant – wins the Whitbread Trophy and £50 in cash
  • Aged 16 to 69 inclusive individual participant – wins the John Cannan Trophy
  • Aged 70 and over individual participant – wins the Holmes Salver
  • Most money raised by a group of participants – wins the Eykyn Challenge Cup
  • Most money raised by all participants for a church – wins the GHCT Challenge Shield for the church

Safety and Car Insurance

Please take the time to read this safety information page from the National Churches Trust. It is all important information but with the encouragement of new activities using cars, please note that anyone using a car MUST ensure that their insurance company is ok with their plans for the event or refrain from doing it if you are unsure.

So, can you Ride or Stride?

If you would like to take part in the event this year and can ride, walk or drive for your church, please contact your church’s Ride+Stride Local Organiser and offer to be a participant; they will be delighted to hear from you. If you do not know who the Local Organiser is, please email your County Organiser with your details and the name of the church you wish to benefit and we will put the Local Organiser in touch with you.

Or could you do something else perhaps?

If you cannot cycle, walk or drive from church to church, perhaps you can be sponsored for something else? Please have a look at our alternative sponsored activities list (link above) and see if you would like to offer this to your Local Organiser instead? If you have a new idea, please let us know!

How about a JustGiving Fundraising page?

A JustGiving Fundraising page allows you to obtain sponsorship online from people all over the world. It makes the paperwork easier too and the County Organiser will smile at you for it, none of those fiddly Gift Aid calculations for him to do! Create your page and pop it in your email signature and spread the word.

Completing the Sponsor Form

Please study the sponsor form carefully before you ask sponsors to complete it so that you can guide them. There is a help sheet available too. All documents are available for downloading in our Document Library (link above).

The main points to make your sponsors aware of are:

  • Please complete the form in ink.
  • Please complete the form in capital letters (we need to re-type all sponsors with Gift Aid)
  • Please read the Gift Aid declaration and tick the gift aid box if you can.


The main points to remember yourself are:

  • Please complete the form in ink.
  • Please complete the form in capital letters.
  • We suggest you tick each sponsor off with a pencil when they pay you.

Planning your route

We hope our event maps (link above) will help you plan your route but if you need help or want us to plan a route for you, please contact the County Organiser.

Help us to help

We provide thousands of pounds in grants every year to maintain churches throughout Gloucestershire, but we can only do that with your continued support. Please help us continue our vital work.

Create your own JustGiving fundraising page at

Text GHCT17 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 to GHCT. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 only. Vodafone will reply with a link to a form to add Gift Aid or a message. You may be charged for the text message(s). See for help. Please report any issues.

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