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Our event map page contains the latest status of the churches for the forthcoming Ride+Stride event. The information on the map comes from our Local Organisers. If you are the Local Organiser for a church on the map (or yours is missing) please update the Regional Organiser as soon as possible since other people may be relying on the information. If your church has a yellow map pin as we approach August then your Regional Organiser is waiting for you to complete Question 8 of the Local Organiser’s Questionnaire. Please get in touch if you have no idea what that means!

If any of the information on the map proves incorrect, please accept our apologies but do let us know about the problem when you discover it so we can try to fix the system and prevent others having issues too. If you are really relying on any information on this page, contact your Regional Organiser (if you do not know the Local Organiser) and he will try to double check details for you. We suggest that you request this in good time and that you check this website on the day before you set off. Thanks.

If you see that a church is missing, we would love to know about it. Please contact the Regional Organiser to let him know!

We have organised the churches with coloured icons based on whether they have declared themselves to be open to visitors or not.
Green map pins have declared themselves open at least some of the time;
Yellow map pins have not declared yet or are not taking part in the event at this time.
Red map pins have declared themselves not open but you can still visit and sign the welcome notice (if present) and your own sponsorship form;

Your feedback on the map would be appreciated.

Travelling to Other Regions

Many of our participants who travel near the external boundary of our region will want to visit churches in counties bordering our region. In order to find out about the status of these churches, you will need to look at our neighbouring Trust’s websites listed below for your convenience.

County Website Contact Notes
Herefordshire Trust Website National Committee County Page
Worcestershire & Dudley Trust Website National Committee County Page
Warwickshire & Coventry Trust Website National Committee County Page
Oxfordshire Trust Website National Committee County Page
Wiltshire Trust Website National Committee County Page
Somerset & South Bristol Trust Website National Committee County Page

Please do check these websites for yourself. If your experience differs from that recorded in the notes column, please let us know so we can update it. Thanks.