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Prize Rules

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Each year, the GHCT awards 5 prizes to the most successful financial contributors of Ride+Stride. We aim to be as fair and accurate as possible in determining who has won each year. The winner’s details are engraved on the trophies and the winners hold onto the trophies from April/May of the following year until February of the year after. There is a £50 cash prize to encourage our younger participants!

Prize types

There are 3 prizes awarded to the most successful fundraising individuals within the 3 age groups: Under 16, 16-69 and 70+. There is a fourth prize for the most successful fundraising group (3 or more individuals acting as one entity). The final prize goes to the church that raises the most money via all of its participants. Often the latter is awarded to one of the first 4 winners but this is not necessarily the case if a church has a number of high achieving individuals or groups.

How the financial figures are determined

Sponsorship Forms

Money is usually raised by Sponsors sponsoring Participants in person and this is recorded on the Sponsorship Form (SF). A sponsorship form should be given to each Participant who can attract sponsors whether the person is acting as an individual or as part of a Group. Each participant should have their own SF but if more than one name is present, the totals represented by the form will be split equally amongst the people named. The SF records the money given by the sponsors as well as whether Gift Aid is to be added in each case. The SF also defines the activity of the participant and which church or churches should benefit from the 50% refund if there is one. If the participant is part of a group, it identifies the Group name.


A Participant may also be collecting money via JustGiving (with and without Gift Aid) but the amount will not be shown on the sponsorship form as it is dynamic. The Participant should show on their SF that a JustGiving page exists in their name though. The amount raised and any Gift Aid will be processed by the County Organiser on the 4th Saturday in October because it forms part of the overall total raised and therefore part of the refund calculations and we need time to get the refunds back to the recipient churches before the end of the calendar year.

Remittance Forms

The Local Organiser (LO) is the GHCT point of contact in your church. The LO will complete a Remittance Form (RF) to reach the County Organiser by the 4th Saturday in October. This declares the financial results for the church. It details each individual participant highlighting the amount each person raised (without Gift Aid which the County Organiser processes) and defines which age band they fit into. The age band is determined by the age of the Participant(s) on the official event date. For each group that takes part, the form gives the Group name and a tally count of the distribution of ages of the participants in the group (not all of which may have had sponsorship forms). It shows the amount raised by the group without Gift Aid. The group activity should be clear from whatever sponsorship forms support the group. The group total will be increased by any JustGiving amounts specified on the sponsorship forms.

The Prize Rules

There is no perfect system but it is important to define how the system currently works. All suggestions are welcome

  1. If a sponsorship form names more than one person taking part (it shouldn’t ideally) then all proceeds are split equally between each person. In the case of individual participants, this attempts to make it fairer so that the figures being compared relate to what the one person has raised.
  2. If a participant nominates more than one church on a sponsorship form, the form proceeds are split equally (where possible) between those churches. In the case of both individuals and groups, this attempts to make it fairer so that the figures being compared relate to what one entity has raised with one church supporting them.
  3. It is the age of a Participant on the Official Event Date (the second Saturday in September) that determines the Participant’s age.
  4. The winners of the 3 individual prizes are the individual participants in that age group who raised the most money including the Gift Aid estimate in the first instance.
  5. If there is a tie for one of the individual prizes then the person who raised the most money excluding Gift Aid estimate will be deemed the winner from those in the tie above.
  6. If there is still a tie for one of the individual prizes then the prize may need to be shared equally but we will consult the tied winners first for their wishes to be considered.
  7. Any group containing less that 3 participants will be registered as individuals instead of a group. The group members do not all have to be raising money via sponsorship forms but they do have to be participating in an activity as part of Ride+Stride.

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