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This page identifies and provides access to all of the pages in the Ride+Stride micro-site. If you ever find that you cannot locate a page that you know exists, come to the sitemap to find it and once you click the link, bookmark the page for next time.


All-time Prize Winners – This is the list of every person who has ever won one of our prizes.

Area Support Volunteers – This is a voluntary supporting role in which you can help the County Organiser (as much as you wish) when the number of churches taking part increases to the point that some help would be appreciated.

Alternative Sponsored Activities – This is a set of ideas for things to consider doing when riding or striding are not desirable or not possible.


Banners and Boards – Our major advertising campaign starting in 2017 is the reusable banners and boards, subsidised by the GHCT to advertise the event to passers by and try to encourage more fundraising for your church and the Trust.


Calendar – This is an invitation, primarily for Local Organisers, to sign up to our calendar to get reminders for things that need to be done as we move through the year.

Campaigns – The entry point to our latest ideas that we are trying to get established to widen the appeal and enjoyment of Ride+Stride. Please try to support these ideas and do contribute to them. They are here to help you.

Communications – This is the record of all of the communications between the County Organiser and Local Organiser so far this year. This enables you to locate all your messages when you are out and about or if you lose an email or printed version. It also enables new Local Organisers to get up to speed very quickly when they join..

Churches needing a Local Organiser – The latest information on the churches with a Local Organiser Vacancy. Churches without a Local Organiser are not in Ride+Stride and are unlikely to receive any money from Ride+Stride.

Cycling Tour of Britain 2017 – Our latest information on the OVO Energy Cycling Tour of Britain which is touching half of our districts on 9/10 September and may affect your route plans.


Data Protection – This will describe the information held by the County Organiser for Ride+Stride and how it is used. Spera Computer Consultancy is an ICO DPA registered Data Processor for GHCT and provides the County Organiser.

Districts – This describes the 8 districts that make up our region.

Downloads (Document Library) – This is the Document Library and contains all of the paperwork needed for Ride+Stride including help sheets and the “Standard Formula” from the Ride+Stride National Committee.


Frequently Asked Questions – An organised list of common questions about Ride+Stride and their answers.

FitBit – A new idea in 2017 for a sponsored activity based on FitBit results.


Help – The entry point to visit when you need help.

Help Sheet R1 – Help for Local Organisers trying to complete the Remittance Form.

Help Sheet S1 – Help for Participants trying to complete the Sponsorship Form.

Help Us – The entry point to visit if you want to help us.

Home – The entry point of the Ride+Stride microsite on this website.

How we do it – Some notes on how we do things in our region, changes and additions to the more common way of running Ride+Stride.


Introduction – An introduction to Ride+Stride, the nationwide event and the “Standard Formula” that defines it.


JustGiving – This page tells you about our online fundraising platform, JustGiving. It gives you a button to click to create a JustGiving fundraising page (with all the background codes that we need in place) and it lists our existing Participant fundraising pages should you wish to donate to someone who has a page already.


Latest Prize Winners – This page lists the winners of last year’s Ride+Stride prizes.

Local Organiser’s Guidance – The entry point for Local Organisers to the Ride+Stride guidance pages.


Maps – The latest information on which churches are participating in the event as presented by our maps. There are 4 maps as described on this page.

Meeting Points – A new initiative in 2017 was the idea of identifying some suitable meeting places around our region where people can choose to plan in a lunch stop at one of them and maybe meet other Participants. Personal safety must be considered especially if you are alone but that would apply to the whole trip and meeting points will all be public places. Why not ask if your local pub will make a donation to the GHCT in return for being advertised as a local meeting point?

Mystery Tours – An exciting new idea which combines the social aspect of travelling with others from your church with the convenience, speed and interest of visiting new churches by car.


National Results – This is the latest we have on the national results of Ride+Stride. Where is GHCT is the league table of counties? It’s not meant to be a competition (but come on Gloucestershire and North Bristol)!


Organised Events – Another new campaign in which churches can organise an activity for Ride+Stride and open the event to people to join them. The people joining are joining the activity and are still sponsored to the benefit of their own churches. The idea is to increase participation and the social aspect of the day but if you are a walker or cyclist and there is nothing happening at your church (and you dont want to volunteer to do it at your church), then you can join another event instead.


Participant’s Guidance – The entry point for Participants to the Ride+Stride guidance pages.

Participating Churches – An introduction to our maps.

Prize Rules – An explanation of our annual prizes and the rules that will be applied to determine the winners.


Results – The entry point for the results part of the Ride+Stride microsite. This covers our region’s Ride+Stride financial results and also our prize winners.

Results for 2016 – The Ride+Stride results for our record-breaking 2016 year.


Satnav POI Download – An invitation to try to download a Sat Nav file containing most of our churches so you can plan your routes on your sat nav.

Sitemap – This page! An index to all the pages on the Ride+Stride microsite.