Annual Review

Find out about our church improvement grants and fundraising in our latest Annual Review

Our Grants Committee awarded £150,000 in grants to 31 places of Christian worship of all Denominations in 2021.

You can read several grant case studies in the full Annual Review.

Fundraising continued despite the virus, including Ride+Stride, which raised over £44,000.  Other income rose to over £70,000, partly thanks to generous legacies. Donations come from our loyal supporters, churches, and other charitable trusts.

GHCT has no employees and is entirely volunteer-managed and we are grateful to our Trustees, Council Members, and volunteers for their commitment.

Stapleton after much Photoshop

Delia Beake, Holy Trinity, Stapleton PCC

“We shall be forever grateful to the Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust who were significant donors and encouraged and supported us in our five year fundraising project to fix the roof.”
Pichcombe reroofing work

Dr Rosemary Jones, Treasurer, St John’s Pitchcombe

“I truly believe that the support we received from the GHCT was vital to the project. Above all I appreciated the personal and friendly approach of the Trust to what, after all, is a very small church in the county.”
Longhope Baptist Church

Heather Cocker, Church Secretary, Longhope Baptist Church

“The Trust’s advice was invaluable….Members of the Trust have stayed in touch – their interest in our project has been very encouraging, especially as we are not a typically beautiful and ancient village church, and only date back to 1827!”