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St Luke, Sandhurst

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Nowhere is history brought to life more intensely than in our church buildings. Often the oldest building in a community, they offer us the chance to stand, sit or kneel in exactly the same spot that ordinary people have done for many hundreds of years.

Whatever the age of the building, it tells us a huge amount about the aspirations and ideals of the individual or community which built it. From the fine ‘Wool’ churches of the Cotswolds, built with the earnings of the mediaeval wool trade, to the plain, classical lines of non-conformist meeting houses and more modern city churches, Gloucestershire has a wonderfully diverse selection.

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Warden Hill Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Stained glass has been used to decorate churches for hundreds of years, and we’re fortunate to have some fine examples locally.

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by Saffron Blaze

Towers and spires

Church towers and spires once guided travellers from place to place and they remain distinctive markers in the landscape.

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Off the beaten track

These churches might not be famous, and they may be hard to find but they all have something special that makes them worth seeking out

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We provide £150,000 in grants every year to help repair, maintain and improve the churches in our region, but we can only do that with your continued support. Please help us continue our vital work.

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