Ride+Stride Local Organiser Information

Everything Local Organisers need to run Ride+Stride 2020!

Our aim is to provide a simple approach to organising Ride+Stride 2020 making use of posters, documents and guides that can be downloaded from this website. You can also download a version of this page at R+S Guide for Local Organisers 2020

Please note that we are recommending that local organisers use JustGiving as the main way to collect sponsorship this year.  This reduces the need to handle cash which, understandably many are averse to doing at present.  How to set this up is explained below.

All of the tools that are required to organise Ride+Stride this year are on this site.  We suggest that you take the following steps to take part this year:

+ Set up Just Giving page in the name of the church and town/village where it is situated. We recommend that a single JustGiving page is set up to facilitate the administration of the scheme and to ensure that accounting for the 50% of sponsorship monies to be returned is correct.  However, individual participants may set up JustGiving pages but need to ensure there is a reference to the church they are supporting.  Simple set up instructions are here: R+S Just Giving Set Up Guide 2020 .

Some local organisers have experienced difficulties setting up JustGiving pages in the name of their church.  It seems that  if the email address used to try to create a new page has been used previously, JustGiving insists on using the name it has registered with that email address and doesn’t allow substitution of the name of the church.  Neither will it allow you to edit this section of the text.  The only way around it seems to be to use an alternative email address.  Understandably, you may not wish to do this.  In this case then we suggest you set up the page in an individual’s name but incorporate the church/location in the page address that you are creating.  Also, using the edit function, it is possible to add a title to the page which clearly states which church the page is representing. If you need any further help please contact ride-and-stride@ghct.org.uk

+ If it is not possible to set up a JustGiving page, participants may seek sponsorship in the form of cash, cheque or BACS to their personal account. It is for each local organiser to decide if he/she is prepared to accept cash.

+ Publicise the event with a poster: R+S Poster 2020. The poster advises that Ride+Stride is taking place this year and gives the date of the event. Please note while the official date in 2020 is 12th September you can also choose a different day to take part.

+ Either, download Sponsorship forms and the Guide for Participants for each of the participants you represent or pass on the download information to the individual participants. Download from here: R+S Participants Guide 2020 and R+S New Sponsor Form 2020

+ Encourage participants to use the Just Giving page. If you are providing Sponsor Forms  for participants and have set up a JustGiving page, please write the details on each form in the space provided on page 2.

+ If there are plans to have welcomers at your church (subject to government guidelines), aim to provide cover from 10.00am until at least 4.00 pm on the event day. We anticipate that many churches will not be open this year, and, generally, there will not be welcomers.

+ If your church is not open and/or there will be no welcomers, place the Register of Riders form R+S Register-Of-Riders 2020 in a prominent position for riders/striders to record their visit.

+ For churches/participants planning an alternative event, there is a Special Event Sponsor Form R+S Special Event Sponsor Form 2020

+ Submit sponsorship monies by 31st October using the Remittance Form R+S Remittance Form 2020 together with participants’ sponsor forms. Remittances should be in the form of BACS (details given on form) or cheques payable to Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust.  Total monies collected through JustGiving may be included in the Remittance Form.

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