A novel view of our churches

Do you recognise this church?

It’s a novel view, certainly: a sort of worm’s-eye, fish-eye view of a remarkable vaulted space. It reminds us to look up when we go into a large church and to take in the vista.

A novel view of our churches

To take a picture like this calls for a painstaking technique. The camera must be perfectly aligned, or the desired symmetry will not be achieved. It’s the work of John Hudson ARPS, from Almondsbury.

He has traveled the world in search of his award-winning images: on his website, you will find some of his wildlife, ballet, and travel work.

See www.jahphotographer.net

We are hoping to feature more of John’s ‘upwards’ church pictures on our social media pages.

Meanwhile, I won’t keep you guessing any longer. If you haven’t already identified it, it’s St. Mary’s, Tetbury: elegant early Gothic revival, 1776-9.
Jonathan MacKechnie Jarvis

PS You can buy framed copies of John’s pictures – details are on his website.