Introducing our new Grants Secretary

After 10 years as GHCT Grants Secretary, Jonathan MacKechnie-Jarvis is stepping back from this role.

The GHCT grants committee and applicants have benefited enormously from Jonathan’s wealth of church architecture experience and detailed knowledge of protocols for renovating and restructuring ancient and more modern buildings.

He has been the driving force of the GHCT grants programme and a major contributor to its execution and success.

Fortunately, Jonathan will remain on the GHCT Grants Committee and his invaluable expertise will be available to Ray Singleton, who will be assuming the Grants Secretary role and will be the first point of contact for all grants enquiries and applications.

The email address for all enquiries and applications is

Please help Ray, as he takes over, by forwarding applications as early as possible, rather than leaving them till the closing date, which is 30th April for the June meeting, and 31st October for the December meeting.

You will find the application form, and guidance notes, at

Colin Senior – Chair GHCT